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Monday, February 23, 2009

Please Touch Museum Redux

Helena made a return visit to the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia. This time she was joined by new friends Mia and Lily. All three girls took excellent naps after 3 hours of running around and playing at the museum (much to their parent's delight).

"Say Cheese"

Hopping on the "Big" piano

Banging the drums with Daddy

"I once strummed a guitar this big!"

Helena liked visiting the Statute of Liberty so much that she imagined it in her own image

Helena and Daddy going shopping (it appears Daddy has a bit of a sweet tooth)

Mia going food shopping as well

"Here's your Big Mac Daddy!"

Mia riding the carosel

Helena and Daddy riding the carosel

Helena and Lily playing a musical instrument

"Here we come to get you!"


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