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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Jeff goes to Ann Arbor

Before it was known that Michigan's football team would start off with a debacle, Jeff made plans to head out to Ann Arbor in the middle of September to see Michigan play Notre Dame the third week of the season. What looked to be a clash of the titans before the start of the season, involving the two winningest programs in college football, turned out to be anything but that (and Michigan almost had to forfeit the game after-the-fact because of a rules infraction). Anyway, Jeff's friend, Mike, who is a Domer fan, was a good sport despite the beating his team took. Hope to make it out to South Bend next season for the annual match!

Jeff posing by the Block "M" in the Diag. It was rumored that if you stepped on it before a bluebook exam, you would fail it. Jeff didn't step on it for four years!

Jeff standing on the Michigan hockey team's bench in Yost Ice Arena

Jeff with Charlie Brown in Yost Ice Arena

Jeff and the Blank Family, friends from college (Jamie, Ella, and Howie)

Mike and Jeff on their way out of Michigan Stadium with two minutes left in the game. You can't see the scoreboard in this picture, but the score is Michigan 38, Notre Dame 0!


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